The Ruder Finn Watch – 11st Issue

A Glimpse of the Past Month
GPHG, Keeping Pace with Time
The Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève this year welcomes two notable additions: Challenge Watch Prize and Audacity Prize. The former opens to watches with a retail price under CHF 4,000, and for the first time, smartwatches are admissible in this category. By facing the “crisis” of the smartwatch tide, Swiss traditional watchmaking is embracing the trend, as some affordable, even some mid to high end watch brands that don’t have heritage/history restraints, have had their brand-labeled smartwatches in the market. For traditional “traditional” brands, their high positioning and pricing strategy may not be affected in short term. While for a long haul, the popularity of smartwatches may bring a habit shift: young people may lose their potential interest, and even sense of wearing (expensive or not) a mechanical watch. GPHG welcomes smartwatches, an initiative of keeping pace with time.
The Audacity Prize rewards the best watch, presented in one of the 12 categories, which features a non-conformist, offbeat approach to watchmaking. The prize is discretionary and the jury will decide whether there are grounds for awarding it in 2018.
Stay tuned for the announcement.


Skull, The Most Mass Totem of Minority Culture


HYT Skull Light is a candidate of Chronometry Watch Prize

HYT的Skull Light入围最佳天文台表(Chronometry)

Speake-Marin Crazy Skulls Orchid is a candidate of Chronometry Watch Prize

Speake-Marin的Crazy Skulls Orchid入围最佳天文台表(Chronometry)

Corum Coin Hobo is a candidate of Artistic Crafts Watch Prize

昆仑(Corum)的流浪币(Coin Hobo)腕表入围最佳工艺表(Artistic Crafts)

Strom Agonium Collection “In Memoriam HR Giger” is a candidate of Artistic Crafts Watch Prize

Strom的Agonium系列“纪念汉斯·鲁道夫·吉格尔”入围最佳工艺表(Artistic Crafts)

The most common symbolic use of the skull is as a representation of death and mortality. Evolvingly human skull symbolism has been becoming an everlasting icon of popularity.
It makes us wonder: except for some special professions, is serious watchmaking really for people wearing to tell the time? We hence list reasons as below to explain why are we wearing an “expensive” mechanical watch?
  • A taste of style
  • An expression of attitude
  • A statement of identity
  • A favor of fine things
  • A fondness of complication and sophistication
In this sense, traditional fine watchmaking brands have seen its opportunities.


  • 造型搭配
  • 自我态度的表达
  • 彰显身份与品位
  • 喜好精致的事物
  • 喜欢精密复杂的机械
What Was Happening
TAG Heuer Presented The “Museum in Motion” Exhibition in Shanghai
泰格豪雅Museum in Motion巡展上海站
From 1 to 17 June, TAG Heuer brought its exhibition tour “Museum in Motion” to Shanghai, in its flagship store at West Nanjing Road.
The exhibition not only displayed the rare historical timepieces that are housed in Musée International d’Horlogerie, but also presented some private collections from collectors.

2018年6月1日至6月17日,泰格豪雅在其位于上海南京西路的旗舰店内举办Museum in Motion 巡展。
在此次巡展中,泰格豪雅不仅带来了藏于品牌拉绍德封博物馆(Musée International d’Horlogerie)中的历史稀有时计,更有部分收藏家们的个人珍宝参加展览。

“Time, Hermès” Exhibition in Chengdu

From 6 to 17 June, Hermès held the “Time, Hermès” exhibition at its boutique of Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu.
Hermès Slim d’Hermès GMT, Carré H, Cape Cod and Arceau Casaque watches were displayed in a playful way in this exhibition.

在此次展览中,爱马仕Slim d’Hermès GMT两地时腕表、Carré H腕表、Cape Cod腕表到Arceau Casaque腕表都以奇特调皮的装置呈现,邀观者与之互动。

CITIZEN Celebrated its 100th Anniversary in Beijing

On 8 June, CITIZEN presented a gala event to celebrate its 100th anniversary and the 60th anniversary of entering in China at the Reignwood Theater Beijing.
Ms. Hebe Tien, celebrity from Taiwan and Brand Ambassador of CITIZEN, Mr. Toshio Tokura, President and CEO of CITIZEN, Mr. Jukawa Tatsuo, General Manager of CITIZEN China attended the event.
CITIZEN specially presented 6 classic timepieces and 9 limited edition timepieces for the 100th anniversary.


OMEGA Presented the “Bright Sky” Constellation Series Exhibition in Beijing

On 10 June, OMEGA held the “Bright Sky” Constellation Series Exhibition at SKP Beijing.
Mrs. Liu Shishi, Celebrity Ambassador of OMEGA, Mr. Hua Yang, Vice President of OMEGA China, Mr. Jean-Pascal Perret, Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing Communications of OMEGA, Mr. Koichi Sagae, Assistant Store Manager of SKP Beijing attended the event.
In the exhibition, OMEGA specially presented 36 timepieces of the Constellation Series which include Globalmaster, Constellation Petite Seconde and “Blue Sky” Limited Edition Ladies watch.


Parmigiani Fleurier Kalpa Collection Novelties Launched in Shanghai

On 14 June, the Parmigiani Fleurier Kalpa collection made a glittering debut in Shanghai.
Mr. Michel Parmigiani, the watchmaking and restoration master, Brand Founder of Parmigiani Fleurier and Mr. Mingliang Dong, General Manager of Parmigiani Fleurier China attended the launch event.
The event not only presented Kalpa Hebdomadaire, Kalpagraphe Chronomètre and Kalpa Chronor watch that had been launched in 2018 SIHH, but also launched the brand-new Kalpa Qualité Fleurier timepiece.

品牌创始人、制表大师及修复大师米歇尔·帕玛强尼及大中华区总经理董明亮莅临现场, 与来宾共赏Kalpa系列腕表。
此次发布会不仅展出了于2018年日内瓦国际钟表展览上隆重推出的Kalpa Hebdomadaire腕表、Kalpagraphe Chronomètre腕表和Kalpa Chronor腕表,还发布了匠心之作Kalpa Qualité Fleurier腕表。

Jaeger‑LeCoultre Celebrated Eight Years of Partnership with the Shanghai International Film Festival 
积家与上海国际电影节共赴八年之约 举办主题展览及慈善晚宴

On 16 June, Jaeger-LeCoultre hosted a gala dinner, at which a charitable auction was held to contribute to the restoration of classic Chinese films, as well as a themed exhibition that embodies the brand’s spirit at the Expo I-Pavilion Shanghai.
Ms. Catherine Rénier, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre and celebrities Mr. Boran Jing, Ms. Ni Ni, Ms. Joan Chen and Mrs. Hong Tao attended the event.
The Rendez-Vous Night & Day Tribute to Cinema, created for this unique anniversary, made its appearance at the exhibition during the festival. Moreover, the brands’ new collection Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris, together with the Master and Reverso collections and antique pieces and fine jewelry watches were also displayed at the exhibition. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker Award, initiated with and for the Venice International Film Festival, made debut in China, honoring pioneer filmmakers who have made breakthroughs in Chinese cinematics; Ms. Joan Chen received the award.

积家全球首席执行官Catherine Rénier女士及积家品牌挚友井柏然、倪妮、陈冲、陶虹等众多明星参加了此次活动。
全新Rendez-Vous Night & Day约会系列日夜显示腕表——致敬光影限量款现身上海国际电影节,并于主题展览上展出。不仅如此,此次主题展览更有品牌全新成员北宸系列,以及Master大师系列、Reverso翻转系列经典腕表的身影,并有从瑞士汝山谷积家大工坊远道而来的古董款和高级珠宝款腕表。此外,诞生于威尼斯国际电影节的“积家电影人荣誉奖”也首次踏入中国,致敬为电影艺术带来突破的中国电影人,首座奖杯由陈冲获得。

BVLGARI Held an Opening Party for SIFF Special Film Presentation Section
宝格丽于上海国际电影节期间 举办展映单元开幕派对

On 19 June, BVLGARI held an opening party for its screening unit – A Flamboyant Festa by BVLGARI at the Former Site of Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce (BVLGARI Hotel Shanghai) during 2018 Shanghai International Film & TV Festival.
Mr. Kris Wu, Global Brand Ambassador of BVLGARI and celebrities Ms. Sammi Cheng, famous singer of Hong Kong, Mr. Stephen Fung, famous actor and director of Hong Kong, Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of BVLGARI Group, Mr. Kolia Neveux, General Manager of BVLGARI China attended the party.


“HUBLOT Loves Football” Exhibition in Beijing

On 26 June, “HUBLOT Loves Football” Exhibition was held at SKP Beijing.
Mr. Loic Biver, Brand Director of HUBLOT China and friend of the brand Mr. Johnny Huang attended the event.
The exhibition retraced the connection between HUBLOT and football.

2018年6月26日, 宇舶表“宇舶爱足球”巡展在北京SKP商场一层中庭举行。
宇舶中国区品牌总监Loic Biver先生与品牌挚友黄景瑜莅临现场,与宇舶表一同见证绿茵场上的每一个激昂时刻。

BREITLING Opens First Flagship Boutique In Asia In Beijing

On 27 June, Breitling celebrated the grand opening of its first flagship boutique in Asia in WF Central Beijing.
Mr. Jiayin Lei, Chinese famous actor and friend of the brand, Ms. Cecilia Han, Chinese famous actress, Mr. Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling, Mr. Jacques Bothelin, Captain of Breitling Jet Team attended the opening ceremony.
The brand-new design concept of Breitling flagship boutique in WF Central incorporates a comfortable and fashionable shopping space for customers and a display of more than 200 exquisite timepieces representing Breitling’s entire product range, along with the Navitimer 8 novelties and some exclusive limited editions.


刘涛优雅演绎Chopard萧邦全新Happy Diamonds系列臻作
Liu Tao astounds in the latest Chopard Happy Diamonds collection

Wearing a delightful smile on each of her public appearances, Liu Tao infuses her acting career with a very special glow. Immediately won over by her positive attitude and contagious optimism, Chopard’s Co-President and Creative Director Caroline Scheufele recognised in her a symbol of the values instilled in the Maison’s iconic Happy Diamonds collection. It was then that Caroline wanted  to ask Liu Tao to serve as brand ambassador and muse of these creations associated with the joyful moments in the life of the women who wear them – and fly high the banner of their joie de vivre.

公众眼前的刘涛笑容明媚、神采飞扬,Chopard萧邦联合总裁兼艺术总监卡罗琳·舍费尔(Caroline Scheufele)被她对生活的积极态度和乐观精神所吸引,视其风格气质为品牌经典Happy Diamonds系列所蕴含价值观的体现。因此,卡罗琳·舍费尔诚邀刘涛担任品牌形象大使及Happy Diamonds系列作品的灵感缪斯。此系列作品也见证了佩戴者的幸福时刻,尽展她们乐享生活的理念。

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